About the Fellowship

The mission of the John Gardner Fellowship Association (JGFA) is to bring together alumni of the John Gardner Fellowship Program for the purposes of self-renewal, job growth, leadership training, and social networking. While independent of Stanford University and UC Berkeley, the JGFA is dedicating to furthering the mission of the John Gardner Fellowship Program at both schools. The JGFA was started in 2003, now has 168 members and is entirely run by volunteers. 


JGFA Officers

David L. MoguelPresident

Elizabeth G. PiancaSecretary

Christina MarkleVP of Alumni Networking and Outreach

Kelly Fabian, VP of Social Media

Bobby RosenVP of Development

Mia Newman, Treasurer


The JGFA Board of Directors 

Kathleen Abernathy

Jack Citrin

Jeanne Wahl Halleck 

John Gardner Trimble

Andrew Weis

Jon Welner

Linda Yeung

Ellen Dektar, Ex Officio

Liz Butler Steyer, Ex Officio


More information about the Gardner Fellowship Program and how to apply can be found at the John Gardner Fellowship Program websites at UC Berkeley and Stanford.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact the administrators at each school:

The John Gardner Fellowship Program at Stanford University

Administrator: Leslie Garvin

The John Gardner Fellowship Program at UC Berkeley

Administrator: Terri Bimes


Please be advised that information on this website is for the personal use of JGFA members and cannot be sold for commercial purposes.



  • “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. ”

    - John W. Gardner